Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Revision Brainstorm

What is my thesis?- A fast Food restaurant can NEVER be a symbol of power, it could be a decoy, to distract people (protesters) from the real source of income (oil companies)...the so-called fast food restaurants are only famous and noticable, but they don't produce much of an income.

"If I hadn't written this, would I have convinced myself of this thesis? What would I be skeptical about?- If i hadn't written this, i would be skeptical about the fast food restaurants becoming the main source of America's succes and imcome. I would have convinced myself that the fast food restaurants are wildly known my the people, so there would also serve as the means of income.
If I hadn't written this, my thesis would have remained thesame, I still hold my arguement.

Does my evidence support my thesis?-.
My evidence severely supports my thesis. I contradict with any author that says fast food restaurants are the main source of income, because I can still prove that oil companies are.

Where am I being vague?-no where...trust me!

What have I left out?-. Absolutely nothing, I'm cool, I gave all the neccessary informations about what needs to be known....on second thought, I think I've left out mark Engler's argument, and how basically oppose it, and why I think his argument isn't true.

How can I make what I'm saying more interesting?- I can make whatever I'm saying more intersting by me giving more examples and stories, instead of just emphasizing on my arguments alone, so that my writing doesn't becomes less interesting.
And I would also be giving my works cited.

What parts of the text(s) are important that I haven't dealt with?-
I basically haven't dealt with the fact that U.S closed down about a dozen McDonald's in England, because they were scared of more protesting, and the U.S still struggles with Iraq over oil (even after the capture and death of Saddam Hussein).

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