Thursday, October 22, 2009

Revised Paragraph

Over the past decades, places that have been thought and seen as important keeps changing. Corporations and big businesses like oil companies have been the primary target for protesters to be rebelling against the United State imperialism. In "Latin America in Revolt," Mark Engler (the author) argued that fast food restaurants is a symbol of America's power, and the main source of income. But McDonald's was never a symbol of the American power. However, as protesters saw that
American fast food restaurants (Mcdonald's) were increasing abroad, they saw McDonald's was the new target for vandalism as a sign of their opposition to America's domination.


  1. Good start. A couple things:

    - you haven't correctly identified Engler's argument. Go back to the question and be clear about who your responding to/disagreeing with.
    If this is your first (thesis) paragraph, you'll want to give the author's first and last name and also the name of the text you're taking this from.

    - look up the definition of the word 'pyromaniacs' Is this what you mean here?

  2. (I just got owned)(At prof. T.) I'll get back with the best thesis you can ever imagine. :)