Thursday, November 5, 2009

(Prewriting) Research Brainstorm

My Country: Jamaica

Why are you interested in this country and its relationship to the U.S.?
- I am interested in this country because I definitely would like to know how they were severly indebted to the United Stated, and how they were indirectly molested by the Americans.. Jamaica has always been a poor country, but as time passed, they debts were increasing, until the Jamaicans were certain that they could no longer pay back.

What has struck you about its history and relationship to the United States from our readings, and from other knowledge and experience you may have?
-What has struck me is what Naomi Klein revealed about the "shock doctrine", how the United States takes advantage of a country in a poor situation, and benefit from them. Klein gave lots of examples, and Jamaica is one of them. The Jamaicans foolishly accepted more money from the United States, thinking that the U.S govt. was lending it's money and trying to help them, but they (Jamaicans) had no idea it that they would become a victim of the shock doctrine.

Based on your reading and knowledge so far, do you think the U.S.'s relationship with this country supports the thesis "The United States is an imperial power"?
-HELL YAH, based on my readings the U.S were pretending to help the other country, but they ended up as a burden to the other country.

What dont you know that you want to find out?
-Why the Jamaicans could not sell thier products cheaper and boycott the american products in order to avoid imperialism, and I would definitely want to know if the Jamaican president was educated (cuz if they were given proper education, they wouldn't have folded their hands and watch their country end up in a state of shock).