Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Brand Is Crisis

Latin American leaders have been targeted and accused of "anti-americanism" Mark Engler argued that ever since the United States came in power, they have been looking for enemies, and playing the "blame game" with the Latin American leaders.
According to "", "Anti-Americanism" is being opposed to the
government, official policies, or people of the United States. So what the U.S govt. does is to look for the leaders that could threaten their power, and try to get rid of them.In this case, accusing Evo Morales and other new leaders of Latin America of being anti-american is basically accussing him of hating anything that has to do with the United States.
Merriam-Webster dictionary describes "populism" as a member of a political party claiming to represent the common people. This means Morales would also favor the people (like granting them more job opportunities, less taxes, e.t.c), when he becomes president. He (Morales) was accused of representing a dangerous form of populism, which means he woulld probably neglect the people when he gets in power.. And the U.S government did it, just to paint a bad image of the Latin American leaders.
And thirdly, Wikipedia describes demagoguery as a strategy for gaining political power by appealing to the emotions, fears and expectations of the public. All these accusations paint a bad image of Morales, and shows that if he gets in power, he wouldn't fulfill his promises.

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  1. Good overview! What do you think of these charges? What does Engler tell us about what's happened since he got into power?